Numerology reading for marriage


How do you calculate the compatibility when doing a numerology reading for marriage? If you want a successful marriage or you want to find a new partner in life, numerology is a good way do indicate some things. Such as; do we match? why don’t we match? You want to find a good match between the numbers, put another way …

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Numerology one – two – three- Quote


In this book Abarat Clive Barker has a interesting quote about  the numbers one, two and three. “Three is the number of those who do holy work; Two is the number of those who do lover’s work; One is the number of those who do perfect evil Or perfect good.”

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How Does Numerology Work (Simple)

Hoe does Numerology Work? Numerology works pretty simple, you just ad all the numbers until you get to a single digit, except for Master Numbers like 22, 111. These master numbers can have multiple meanings. The master number 22 can have the meaning of the repeated 2 or the meaning of number 4. Lets take Birth Numerology for example: Born …

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