Numerology reading for marriage


How do you calculate the compatibility when doing a numerology reading for marriage?

If you want a successful marriage or you want to find a new partner in life, numerology is a good way do indicate some things. Such as; do we match? why don’t we match?

You want to find a good match between the numbers, put another way you have to balance the number due to their attached characteristics.

For example:
We calculate the compatibility based on the numerology life number. This is birth day numerology number.

If your numerology life number is 1 you have a strong and dominant power, another person with numerology number 1 will be too much dominance. They are to powerful numbers and can cause a lot of damage to both people. A lot of numbers are possible like 2, 3 and 5 but they won’t’ be as good a number 4. The best match for a life number 1 is number 4.


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