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Numerology of names

There are a lot of numerology and names sites out there. I wasted a lot of money in the beginning so I would like to give you 5 points that will save you time and money while you research your name numerology.

Don’t go to numerology sites that look like sales sites. They probably are! Numerology of names can answer some pretty awesome questions in your life.

Look for sites that have a lot of good reviews. After all, Numerology is about YOU and you want it to work for real people. I love reading the reviews.Numerology-by-name

Stay away from fly-by-night sites. Go to sites that look professional and well written. Click here for a good example of a well done site.

Free readings are OK, but the real meat comes in the deeper readings. Invest in the deeper reading and you will be very grateful you did. There are about three sites out there that do really GREAT readings on numerology of names that are so helpful.

Stay away from those crazy YouTube clairvoyants! I have never found a good one. My favorite and most thorough reading I got was from this site: click here for an initial free reading from my favorite site, but get the whole report. It is worth it!

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