Numerology Number 4


The four is while not a doubt masculine, reflective strength and stability. His chief characteristics area unit reliableness, productivity, promptness and obedience.

He’s trustworthy, patient, standard and a traditionalist. he’s a little boring and not abundant of a social person, preferring to toil in quiet obscurity. he’s employed steady and might be terribly persistent.

He finds nice satisfaction in his accomplishments and favors results over monetary reward or public recognition. he’s humble, dresses guardedly and blends in together with his surroundings.

Numerology number 4 personality

He is average in appearance, physically healthy and robust, neat and clean … however quotidian. He doesn’t prefer to draw attention to himself, however can fight you tooth and nail if you are trying to muscle in on his territory.

He believes in effort and management, and is definitely goal-oriented, however his goals area unit straightforward and all the way down to earth. he’s not a visionary, however notices each detail.

He’s capable, has a wonderful memory and does not perform. he’s the right worker, however does not tend to try and do well in social environments.

Number 4

If you look into the form of the quantity four, you may see that the onerous angles square measure a correct symbolization of this rather straight-edged compulsive, who is neither artistic nor inventive, however is sweet at operating along with his hands.

Several craftsmen and skillful laborers have the four conspicuously in their charts. he’s a decent supplier, however demands discipline and loyalty, and in some cases takes discipline too way.

He cannot handle chaos and is vulnerable to panic attacks if it seems he won’t have things totally in restraint.

Lack of imagination

The 4’s imagination isn’t well developed, and his views square measure typically narrow-minded and traditional. The four tends to be spiritual hook line and sinker established philosophy, preferring to parrot the beliefs of his peers, feeling safe and secure within the inevitable, unchanging nature of a good discipline.

Over the other variety except maybe the seven, 4s square measure found within the charts of monks, clergymen and different spiritual leaders.

Several additionally become wonderful managers and organizers, and it’s not in any respect uncommon to search out a four within the higher echelons of business and government.

Number 4’s obstacle in life

The four can exerting and might be driven to succeed in the highest of his profession. However in pains to succeed in the highest he typically finds that his greatest obstacle is himself: his lack of social skills, his inability to relate to the mundane problems with his co-workers and his lack of intuition.

As with any variety, there area unit some contradicting traits among the four. for example, whereas he’s not notably social or fun-loving, the four typically reveals an entertainingly dry sense of humor. Further, though he’s a strict and disciplined parent, the four is additionally extraordinarily devoted and can practice fireplace to urge his youngsters what they have.

My description of the four is, not astonishingly, nearly the precise opposite of my description of the three. this can be to be expected, as each range is, in vital ways in which, a counterpoint to the one that directly precedes it.

The two is that the polar opposite of the one, the three displays traits that are directly hostile those of the two, so forth. And in fact the variations between the five and also the four are like night and day!

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