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How does numerology work?

Numerology is the language of numbers and their symbolic significance. It is based on the belief that people are born on a certain date with a certain name and numerology seeks to explain who a person is and map out their life.

So, how does numerology work?

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a vibratory number, and this number is unique and final in meaning. Numerology meanings started with Pythagoras, the famous Greek mathematician, who invented the equation a2 + b2 = c2 in 6th century BC.
By combining mathematics with mysticism, Pythagoras found that he was able to construct a quotient about a person’s life. He used the number assigned to each letter in a name, as well as the birthday to decode the mysteries hidden in the numbers. This simple numerology determined the innate abilities a person possesses right from birth and offers insight into what path a person may take in life and what may happen.

Analyzing the Numbers

A numerical chart can be used to combine the most valuable information about you using your full name and date of birth and lay it out in the form of numerical analysis. From the analysis, you can get your soul number, personality number, expression number, birthday number and your life path number. The first three numbers are derived from your full name and the last two from your date of birth. This process can be likened to a puzzle where you put the pieces together to get a clear picture of your life.

The ancients had a fascination for numbers and knew how numerology works. They would go to great lengths to try to understand how events in life were affected by numbers and how people could learn about life and the future by learning about their own position. Nowadays, each country has its own system of matching the numbers and sometimes the meanings can clash.

Numerology Can Help You Learn More About Yourself

One of the many ways numerology helps people is by helping them discover their inner strength so they can expand it and be more fruitful. You can discover more about your emotional makeup, weaknesses, inner needs and natural gifts. When you learn more about yourself, you will find it easier to deal with your friends, family and colleagues.

As an employer, you would have the ability to learn more about people and if they would be productive by exploring their innate abilities and placing them in a field that enhances your work. Difficult work relationships are much easier to handle, and it’s easier to form a lasting bond.

People use numerology to examine their life, the choices they make and to learn how they can use the information to improve their lives and those of the people around them. If you would like to know when the best time is to move out, get a job or finally settle down, then there’s no better person to answer these questions than a numerologist.

Numerology in History

Every culture from ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, Chinese, Greeks, Mayans, Incans and Christians all knew how numerology works and used numbers as a guide to spiritual awareness. They used different methods to attain spiritual knowledge including numerology and names, which were used as guides on the different life cycles and explanation of the journeys we go through in life. The Chinese believe that everything in this world is vibrating energy, and this energy can be harnessed and used in many ways. It’s the same concept with numerology. Each number has energy, and it’s that distinctive energy that defines people.

How Numerology Works

When deciphering a name, you have a set of numbers that have corresponding letters in the alphabet. These numbers are single digits and are lined up in sequence adding up from number 1 to number 9 and each with a set of letters.

The numbers are lined up this way:

A, J, S — 1

B, K, T — 2

C, L, U — 3

D, M, V — 4

E, N, W — 5

F, O, X — 6

G, P, Y — 7

H, Q, Z — 8

I, R — 9

How To Find Your Number

Write down the full name you were given at birth. (First, second and third).

Use the table to write out your sequence of numbers. E.g. if your name were Amanda, the number would follow as such: 1, 4, 1, 5, 4, 1.

Now add the numbers together for each name. I.e. 1+4+1+5+4+1= 16.

You will probably end up with a double digit number for each name in which case you should break up the number and add the two digits together to get one number. I.e. the 16 for Amanda would be 1+6 to form 7 as the final number. Do the same for each name.

Add up the final numbers for each name. That is if your second and third name gave you 8 and 10 respectively; add up the numbers this way: 7+8+10 = 25.

Break up the two digit number and add these numbers together to form one number. In this case 2+5=7: this is the Final Destiny number.

Once you find your number, you will want to find out what it says about you.

  • Number 1: Self-reliant, autonomous and determined
  • Number 2: Analytical, tactful and loyal
  • Number 3: Fun-loving, positive and passionate
  • Number 4: Serious, traditional and sensible
  • Number 5: Sensual, temperamental and bold
  • Number 6: Cautious, responsible and domestic
  • Number 7: Unconventional, spiritual and somewhat reclusive
  • Number 8: Authoritative, money-oriented and assured
  • Number 9: Is compassionate, worldly and versatile
  • Number 11: Is deep, enlightened and high-strung
  • Number 22: Is motivated, ambitious, global planner


Numbers 1 — 9 are basic vibrations, but 11 and 22 are master numbers and shouldn’t be reduced to a single number because they have master vibrations.

Lots of people try to understand what goes on beyond what they can comprehend. Numerology and names suggest a more extensive realm, which begins with self-awareness and leads to personal freedom. Whether you use numerology to try to work out life, find lucky numbers or for fun. You can learn great mysteries about what lies within you. Though there are other ways to do this, numerology is a great tool to help bring it all out.

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